2024 Application Information for International Students (Master's Degree and Ph.D. Degree)

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1. Disciplines and Majors

For specific information on different majors/subjects and language of instruction, please refer to the "Peking University 2024 Master/Doctoral Admissions Major Catalogue (International Students)" .

2. Method and Length of Study

1) The study methods for a master's degree or Ph.D. degree at Peking University are divided into full-time and part-time. For details on the learning methods of each major and focus, please refer to the "Peking University 2024 Master/Doctoral Admissions Major Catalogue (International Students)" .

2) Unless otherwise specified by the enrollment department (or project), the basic study period for master’s degree students is 2 or 3 years; the basic study period for doctoral students is 4 years; and, for doctoral students with a bachelor’s degree, the basic study period is generally 5 years.

3. Application Prerequisites

1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport. Residents of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan who have emigrated to other countries and are applying to Peking University as international students must present valid passport or citizenship documents dating from before April 30, 2018, along with proof of cancellation of Chinese nationality.

Note: The exit and entry administration authority of the public security organ of China reserves the right to judge whether an applicant still has Chinese nationality. If during the application period or even after the admission or registration the applicant is judged to be still holding Chinese nationality, his/her application, admission, registration or even enrollment will be nullified.

2) Applicants should be healthy, both physically and psychologically, with no criminal record, friendly to China and must abide by the laws and decrees of China.

3) Applicants for master's degree programs must have attained a bachelor's degree, and those who graduated from non-Chinese universities must hold a bachelor's degree from a university accredited by the Ministry of Education of China. (Grade skipping or joining in the middle of the course is not permitted.)

The special requirements for certain programs, such as MBA, EMBA, IMPA, etc., should be in accordance with the relevant regulations on nationwide master/doctoral admissions.

4) Applicants for doctoral programs must have attained a master's degree, and those who graduated from a non-Chinese institution must have a master's degree from an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education of China. Applicants with bachelor's degrees may apply for admission to doctoral programs in subjects of sciences and engineering.

5) The applicant's academic performance, academic level and language ability should meet the admission requirements of the major he/she is applying for.

4. Application Period

1st Round: October 16 – December 15, 2023

2nd Round: January 1 – January 31, 2024

Note: For details on English-taught master's programs, please refer to the respective program's application guidelines. The deadline for the English-taught doctoral program applications is February 28, 2024.

5. Application Materials

Visit the application system (http://www.studyatpku.com), fill in the application and upload the following documents:

1) Graduation and degree certificates and degree authentication in Chinese or English. For degree certificates in other languages, applicants are required to upload both the original copy and a notarized copy in Chinese or English. Degree diplomas awarded by overseas universities must be authenticated by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, Ministry of Education, P. R. China (CSCSE). Degree diplomas awarded by universities on the Chinese mainland must be authenticated by the Center for Student Services and Development, Ministry of Education, P. R. China (CSSD).

Note: Applicants who graduated before 2024 must upload their degree authentication report during the application period. Applicants expected to graduate in 2024 must provide an official letter from their current university stating their expected graduation date, submit their certificate of graduation upon being pre-admitted, and present their original degree diploma upon registration.

2) Official transcripts of the applicant’s academic achievement, including courses taken and standards achieved. These must be original documents or notarized copies either in Chinese or English.

3) A personal statement (including a research plan: 1500 words for the master's degree program, 3000 words for the doctoral program).

Please click the link to download the template: https://www.isd.pku.edu.cn/down/shen/ru.html

4) Resume and a copy of the Commitment for Application. Please click the link to download the template for the Commitment:


5) Two recommendation letters from professor(s) or associate professor(s) related to the applicant’s major (or equivalent professionals with relevant academic title), either in Chinese or English. Once applicants submit the application the application system will send a link to the recommenders, and the recommenders should click the link and complete the recommendation either by filling out the form online or by uploading the scanned copy of the signed letter.

Click the link to download the template: https://www.isd.pku.edu.cn/down/shen/ru.html

6) Original Chinese or English language test scores:

● For Chinese-taught programs, language test scores fulfilling the required standards are eligible for submission.

● For English-taught programs, applicants whose mother tongue is not English are required to submit TOEFL, iBT (100 points or above) or GRE (315 points or above) scores or other certificates to prove their English language proficiency. For specific requirements, please refer to the application information of the respective English-taught programs.

Note: Some departments may require applicants to submit a certificate or evidence of Chinese language proficiency; please submit the materials in accordance with the respective requirements.

7) Information page of the valid passport (passport type must be ordinary). The passport’s date of expiry should be after December 2024.

8) Table of contents and abstracts of the applicant’s academic publications and any other original achievements in his/her field (if applicable).

9) Some departments/schools may require additional application documents.

Note: Applicants should scan the original or notarized application documents in color using a scanner. Images captured by mobile phone or camera are NOT acceptable.

6. Application Fee

The application fee for each program/major is 800 RMB.

Note: Each applicant may apply for up to two programs/majors. Applicants are required to pay the application fee online before the application deadline. Any other currency or traveler’s check will not be accepted. Applications with incomplete documents or without application fee payment will not be processed.

The application fee is NOT refundable.

For more information please visit https://www.isd.pku.edu.cn/graduate/shushi/detail/7966.html